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20 Year Leak Warranty!
Storage Series
25 Rot & Termite Warranty is Standard!
Estate Series
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Southeastern Portable Buildings
111 Houswoth Dr./Hwy 441 Bypass
P.O. Box 3667
Eatonton, GA 31024
ph: 706-485-4218
fax: 706-485-3097
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Maintenance Free Aluminum Lap Siding : The construction of these buildings are all wood except for the siding
and roofing. These buildings have the elegant look of vinyl siding that lasts so much longer than other materials and
requires virtually no maintenance. There's no need for painting, for we give you a written 20 year confidence warranty on
the baked paint finish! Standard roofing for the Storage and Estate Series has a Limited Written Lifetime Rust Through
Warranty! The Ridgeline and Veranda Series comes standard with a 20 year galvalume steel roof. Any of these buildings
can be upgraded to a 40 YEAR PAINTED STEEL ROOF. Everything underneath these buildings are constructed with
Pressure Treated 2 x 6 lumber that, just like your house, are 16" on center floor joist - STANDARD - with 3/4" T&G
Plywood! We're so confident in our floor system that we give you a written 25 year Rot & Termite Warranty! Take
storage building with you, for they are designed to move.
From the start of construction, down to delivery,
Southeastern Buildings intent is Complete
Customer Satisfaction with the
best in warranty.
Whether you choose aluminum lap or wood siding,
to purchase from us is always the smart choice!
- Features Siding that has the elegant look of Vinyl...
Siding & Roofing is standard with a Lifetime
Limited Rust-Through Warranty -
Wood Storage Buildings:  We can build 8', 10', and 12' wides delivered to you FREE in a number of locations. We offer
many designs that are built on your property from the ground up! These are 16' & 18' wides; one or two story buildings.
We are now offering a 20' & 24' wide garage, built on your existing slab or with a floor system. - FEATURES: 16" On Center
Floor Joists ,* 4 Skids ,* 2 x 4 Wall Studs 16" On Center, * Double Top Plate,* These buildings features LP® SmartSide®
Trim & Siding. They’re free of knots and resist cupping and warping. They’re factory pre-primed to take paint well, delivering
optimal adhesion and consistent application. LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is designed to protect against termite damage
and fungal decay.* 3/4" T&G Plywood,* 1 - 5' Double Wood Door,* 1 x 4 Triming,* 2 - Gable Vents, * 1 - Ridge Vent,              
* Plywood Clips for Roof Decking / O.S.B. 7/16",* 4" - 6" Overhang,* Gal. Steel 20 Yr Roofing, with the option to upgrade to
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- Features a 20 Year Galvalume Steel Roof
with an option to upgrade
to a 40 Year Painted Steel Roof -
UPGRADE TO WOOD (Pre-Primed Smartsidng)
Veranda Series
The Ridgeline comes Standard with Shelving!
Ridgeline Series
Shingles Now Avalable!
Painting is Available!
Frontier Series
Let us
Paint Your
Features a 20 Year
Galvalume Steel Roof
with an option to
upgrade to a 40 Year
Painted Steel Roof -
or you may upgrade
to Shingles
Upgrade to
Windows -
Deck &
Upgrade to
Upgrade to a 9 - Lite Vinyl Clad Door / Deck & Lean-to
12" O.C. Floor
Joist on the
2nd Level
2 - Story w/
24' x  24'x 8'  - Slab Not Included
16' x 16'
16' x 24'
16' x 16'
16' x 16'