1. Roof Style: Horizontal/Regular Style or Vertical Roof Style (A Vertical Roof allows the water, snow, leaves, etc. to run off to the side of the building. Water and snow
will stand on horizontally installed roof until it evaporates or melts. The longer the water stays on the metal, the greater the chance for rust forming on the panels. The
paint and panel will last longer with a vertical roof. 99% of roof installations on homes use vertically installed roof.

2  Entry Width: This is measured from Outside to Outside your Bottom Rail (12 = singe car, 18 = 2 - compact cars, 20 = 2 mid-size cars, 22 = 2 full size cars, trucks or
suv's, 24 = full or oversized cars, trucks.

3. Roof Length: Roof is One Foot Longer than your Bottom Base Rail (There's a 6 inch over hang on each end of your carport.) (Average car is around 15 foot long)

4. Leg Post Height: This is the "Side Height", not the Center Height. (Note: A 12 Foot Leg Post will accommodate any RV on the US Highways. State of Georgia:
Maximum Height of RV cannot exceed 13'6" in Height & a Width of  8'6". --- Horizon
Other State Specifications:

5. Square Tubing Size: 1) 2 1/2 inch 14 Gauge, 2) 2 1/4 inch 12 Gauge, or 3) 2 x 3 inch 14 Gauge

Braces: U-shaped channels that are used to assist in reinforcing the structure of the building. 4 Braces are on each corner. Braces are included on all Carports 8'
and Taller (not included on Enclosed Garages.)

Anchors: Re-bar anchors come standard with the units at no charge. Concrete Wedge Anchors are used when installing a carport/garage on concrete. Standard
anchor spacing is at every ten feet. Customers can purchase additional concrete wedge anchors for $5.00 each.
Mobile Home or Asphalt Anchors are always
recommended. Minimum of 10 foot spacing. Installing
Asphalt Anchors will  not leave a large 6 inch diameter hole in your new asphalt. Instead it drives straight down
leaving a minimal opening in your asphalt for a much better looking installation. *Add
Mobile Home Anchors or Asphalt Anchors with Braces and make your
carport/garage certified. (Certified - Wind & Snow Warranties) (generic drawings are available for an additional price of $100 plus local tax.)
It is crucial that the site be level for the installation of the customer's carport/garage. An un-level installation site may cause issues such as leaning of
the building, entry doors not closing properly, and difficulty in squaring the building.
* If the location isn't level and the crew has to level the site, there will be labor charges that will occur and will be added to the installation and the
charges is at the crew's discretion.
* If the crew cannot level the location, the crew may have to return the building and there will be a return trip fee to delivery the building back to the
Available Colors
If you did not choose side panel(s);
You’ll have 2 colors to choose from. Top Color & Trim Color

If you choose side panel(s);
You’ll have 3 colors to choose from. Top Color, Trim Color, and Siding Color.

You may have the whole building one color.

Pick from these colors:
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Pick from 13 Colors (Have it all one color or two tone)
13 Available Colors
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