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18x30x8 Combo Carport

Whether you’re looking for a garage for your car, truck, motor home, or tractor, our enclosed vertical roof metal garages are an economical way to protect your investment.

The vertical roof style metal garage is the strongest roof style available. The roofing panels are laid in a vertical orientation starting from the peak and ending at the eaves/sides. To do this the structure requires hat-channel which gives the metal building added rigidity and strength. Our vertical roof allows the water, snow, and leaves to run off to the side of the building, preventing rust and wear.


  • 18′ Wide x 30′ Deep x 8′ Tall
  • 8′ Wide x 7′ Tall Garage Doors (1Qty.)
  • 2 Windows
  • 1 Walk-in Door

Start with this popular unit and complete your customizations by visiting the link below.


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