Our History

Founded in 1993, Southeastern Buildings was started by John and Marlene Housworth with their sons, Matt and Keith Housworth. It all started when John and Matt drove to Eatonton, with his father to look at an old pallet manufacturing plant to build the new business. They actually disagreed that the facility would be too large for what they envisioned for the company, only later to learn that they actually needed more space, which led to an expansion in years since. By Thanksgiving of 1993, Southeastern Portable Buildings was assembling its first building at the new facility. When we first started producing buildings, we offered two simple options to customers. Now, we proudly offer various options and customizations.

Serving the rural areas around Eatonton have proved successful for Southeastern Buildings, however we also have retail outlets in surrounding counties to better serve a wider range of customers. Our Eatonton location remains the only manufacturing facility with retail options also available.

Today, two brothers Matt and Keith, own and operate the business with the same work ethic and passion their father instilled in them from day one. They’re working with a full-time crew as well as subcontractors who build at their Eatonton location or at the property of the customer.

Matt, living in Putnam County, and Keith, living in Baldwin County, are both married with two children.

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Our Advantage

Quality of Building Construction

We take pride when purchasing high quality materials. We aren’t afraid to send a truck of materials back if it’s not up to our standards for the look and quality of the building.

Knowledgeable Staff

Experience! Each member of our staff knows their stuff. From our sales team to delivery and installation crew, trust that our people will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Building Appearance

Falling hand-in-hand with the quality of our materials used, the appearance of our buildings will fit right to your specifications and maintain its appearance for years to come.

Convenient Delivery

We’ll schedule a date and time that works with your schedule and timeline of your project to get your building installed in a timely and efficient manner.

Affordable Price

Our retail and customizable options are affordable at any scale. Our buildings are an investment with warranties to back it up.

Financing Options

Our financing options allow anyone to enjoy ownership of one of our buildings.

Direct from Manufacturer

We manufacture our buildings at our Eatonton location so you can trust your building is built and inspected by the best of the best.

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Shop our online selection or visit 111 Housworth Drive in Eatonton to browse our inventory in person!